"It's been a real pleasure to have a professional design a new brand for me, but it's also been so great to work with someone as like minded and personable as Gillian. I have so many ideas in my head sometimes it's overwhelming! To have them pulled together so easily was amazing. Right from the initial brand direction board Gillian was spot on with the look and feel that I wanted and knew exactly how to refine the small details. Seeing the whole brand come together has been a fantastic experience."

- Lesley Gray, Neon Gray



"As a fellow creative (although not a digital one) I was a bit apprehensive about getting someone else to do any artwork/branding. It's difficult to explain exactly what you want or even to know exactly what you want. Gillian is an absolute godsend. I'm actually suspicious that she has dropbox-esque access to my brain. She just gets it. She understands my company, knows the image I'm trying to portray and nails it every time. In addition to this, she is professional, easy to work with and doesn't make you feel like an idiot! I cannot recommend BlockFace enough!"

-Jenny Peach, Sew Confident & She Does Networking



"Gillian is a rare gem - to find someone who understands your brief and produces work that, although happily has her distinctive clean lines and geometric sympathies, perfectly balances your brand, look and desires. She listens, gives you what you want - and then adds an extra spark of what you didn't even think you needed! Her creative flair, brilliant personality, and flawless execution make her the perfect match for an emerging brand, or one who wants a new lease of life!"

- Maria Ure, Luminate Public Relations [formally GPRG]