Yipeee! You found me. I like to imagine you arrived here on the back of an interstellar flamingo but I'm guessing our friend Google had something to do with it. However you arrived here, I'm glad you made it.


This is where I should tell you how BlockFace came to be, but the truth is, it's a bit of a blur. One minute I'm working the 9-5, designing graphics for friends & colleagues in my spare time, and the next I'm being approached by actual small businesses & start-ups who entrusted us with their visual identities, marketing material and web layouts.

That's when I realised an adventure had begun.

BlockFace beginnings might be a little hazy but my vision for the future is clearer than Scottish tap water. I'll continue to nourish and develop my a team of creatives, to collaborate with businesses, start-ups, and solopreneurs across the land, fiercely promote #communityovercompetition, and commit enthusiasm, professionalism and humour to every project I'm part of. 

Without clients, who work with me, laugh with me, and question me, this site wouldn't exist...and I'd most likely be making cold calls to people that aren't as nice as you!

To paraphrase the great Barry White, clients are my everything.



Not a fan of Barry? It's OK, I won't judge. Have a look around and get to know me; I don't sing cheesy love songs all the time...