web-friendly images

The thought of using stock images still makes some designers shudder, but as the demand for inspiring photography increases, so does the quality. I separate the ooohs from the eeks and use only the best royalty-free images, formatted for web use, in our digital designs, which can help keep initial costs down. However, if you want to go all out, nothing beats original photography or graphics that specifically capture the look and feel of your brand.  If you already have a photographer in mind, great, we love meeting new talent. Alternatively, our creative community is home to some eagle-eyed photographers and their fancy pants equipment.



Have you ever written something and thought 'that doesn't sound like me'? We've all fallen into that trap of worrying too much about how it's normally said instead of how we want to say it. Quick-witted copywriters will work with you to develop your brand voice and create inspiring content that not only sounds like you but empowers you to write content without fear, using some helpful pointers from our word wizards. They'll also highlight SEO keywords and phrases within your content that help people find your site via search engines; now you've got a voice, we want everyone to hear it! Your brand's personality will radiate across all marketing materials, digital and print, which in turn helps to build a genuine relationship with your audience. 


Online media

Your business survived its brand-identity crisis, your content doesn't sound like automated jargon and your images are best friends with the web, but what now? Well, now, we dust off that Dropbox and get digital.  I''work with you to decide if you need a website straight away or if it's best to focus on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, while you grow your following. I can set up or edit your accounts using brand elements, consistently, across all channels, further enhancing your voice and reputation. Then, when you're ready, we can design a clean website layout that's a joy to navigate and gives you a lil' bit more room to publish content. Websites can be expanded as your business flourishes by adding a blog, an e-commerce platform or events calendar (and other exciting widgets) to fulfil demand.