1: stimulate the neurons

If, after our initial conversation, we decide we want to be best friends forever and ever, it's time to get the bubbly out.  It also means it's time to connect our brains with the power of Pinterest and go mood board crazy. This is the most important stage in the design process as it gives us an understanding of what makes you clap enthusiastically or 'boooo' in true pantomime style. Your brand should be a visual representation of the key elements that define your business, so we spend a lot of time at this stage researching what sets your company apart from the crowd and how we can build on that with a shiny new image.


2: add some magic

By now we should have a mood board bursting with inspiration, which I combine with all the information you've given me about your business to create a Brand Direction Board. This displays my interpretation for your brand and an opportunity for you to say 'Yay', 'Nay' or 'Have you been stalking me?!' Once this has been perfected, we move on to developing your main logo; everything stems from this so it's important to get it right. The logo design is pinched and pulled, based on your feedback, until it's Goldilocks approved and variations are created for use on social media platforms. I also experiment with different colour palettes and font suggestions at this stage.


3: ta da! 

Yay! It's time to reveal your new brand! We've went mad with mood boards, developed designs and messed around with colours and patterns and, although we've had a blast, it's not all been for fits & giggles. Throughout the design process we identified what makes your brand unique and created a visual identity to capture and enhance it. A digital package is sent via Dropbox or WeTransfer and will include your full brand style guide along with web-friendly and print-ready files for all design elements. It's now time to give us a twirl and show off your new look.